The Truth About Trying

I ran across an a new campaign to bring infertility out of the closet and into the light.  It’s called the “The Truth About Trying”.  Resolve, the National Infertility  Association and Redbook magazine have teamed up to end the shame and secrecy of infertility.

I love it.  So far, almost 200 videos where women (and men) share their personal stories have been added to the site.  Celebrities, physicians, and just plain folk like you and me answer the question : What I wish I’d known about infertility.”

Some have found success, others are still trying to conceive (TTC), others will remain childfree. No matter what the outcome, the process is painful – and too often we suffer in shame and silence.  Why is that?  Why do too many of us keep this agony a secret from family, friends, and collegues?  And why do well meaning people give advice that blames the victim with simple ideas like “ just relax” “you’re too stressed.”   Infertility is not a choice. It is a complex disease of the reproductive systems of men and women. You can’t see it on the outside and  you don’t know you have it until you try to conceive. It’s emotionally, physically, and financially draining. And you can’t just take a pill, get a massage, or stop thinking about it to make it go away.

I’m seeing more about this movement in the media to destigmatize infertility and it’s an encouraging sign. With more than 5 million Americans battling infertility on any given day, we are a small army . This is why we wrote Getting2Baby and why we’re creating a community here to provide an open, welcoming forum for men and women – especially those in the GLBT community – to find support and resources.

Let’s get our army on the march, let’s get infertility out of the closet.  And if you make and upload your own video – be sure to let us know here – we’ll share the link.


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