Getting to Baby was created to provide education and information to people who would like to have children, but are having difficulty. Victoria and Jennifer Collier, the founders of Getting to Baby, have experienced fertility treatments, the adoption process, and surrogacy. As a lesbian couple, we discovered challenges uncommon to straight or gay couples.

Each process, fertility, adoption, and surrogacy has its own language, its own benefits and challenges, its own procedures. People often wonder which process would be right for them. Each couple’s path is different. It is our goal and desire to help you discover your path.

For straight couples, seeking fertility assistance is commonly the first step. For gay couples, adoption may be the first step. Surrogacy is seen as the choice of celebrities. You should discover what is right for you without feeling the pressure of what society thinks you should do.

Members of Getting to Baby will have access to a video and audio library to watch and listen to real people discuss their own journey, the challenges and successes. Also, the library will have interviews with professionals to include physicians, lawyers, fertility specialists, adoption agencies, and surrogates who have helped other couples.

Whether you are seeking information about fertility options, adoption options, or surrogacy, you will find the information you need here.

To watch Jennifer and Victoria’s personal journey and successful story, watch our documovie, Getting to Baby: Creating a Family in the 21st Century.

For a “how to” book outlining shortcuts and helpful hints of how to create your family now, also read Getting to Baby: Creating your Family Faster, Easier and Less Expensive through Fertility, Adoption, or Surrogacy.